GARDEN by Pangea's Promise

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) outlet at Pocket Creek Farm

Pocket Creek Farm's PRIVATE Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Farmstand, from Pangea's Promise

We offer highly nutritious food from our sustainable demonstration fields to our friends, neighbors, and community. Our mission is practicing and teaching sustainable farming which results in amazing surplus food that belongs in the community.

Food is Medicine - our Omega 3 rich produce is 4 X nutrient (flavor) over industrially farmed produce. For neighbors who want to get healthy and stay healthy - eat lots of Regeneratively farmed food.

Book a free private tour if you want to learn more about who we farm 4X nutritious food on 90% less water and can out produce factory farms $ for $ and # for # with these regenerative farmed methods.

Pam and Steve began Permaculture Designed sustainable gardening in 2013 at PCF. Be a part of a new alternative culture of sustainability, book a time slot to visit PCF CSA, our private kitchen store now!

ABOUT our Community Supported Agriculture Farmstand

Creating an alternative sustainable community based on Permaculture Design principles, sharing, trade, and social justice for all. PCF CSA, a model project for those who refuse to continue supporting the unsustainable and collapsing predominant world culture of consumption. Honoring the genius of land, farming sunlight, fostering regenerative communities; we steward Land and Life as our Legacy.

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Honoring Permaculture Design Ethic # 3 - Fair Share -  the sharing of earth’s bounty in balanced ways that benefit everyone

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