Frequently asked questions

What is "Pangea's Promise" anyway?

Pangea is one of the ancient names for the original continent on planet Earth.

Her promise is that if you (we) take care of Pangea, she will take care of usJ

Do you take credit cards?

Not needed - this is a free exchange library

How else can we contact you?

Text Pam at 858 9922-7345 Call the main house at 707 869-9714 Email Steve at

How can we get an Eco-Tour?

Email Steve at to set up your private tour. Donations are welcome but tours are sponsored by Pangea's Promise.

Can we buy your produce that is not featured at the Exchange Library?

Yes, When available (summer) we may have surpluse produce for sale. Email Steve or call the farm house to see what may be available or make arrangements to come by.