Give back to your community

All that stuff taking up space on your shelves and cupboards, nic-nacs, dust gatherers, serviceable items you no longer need or want; give it to someone who wants it!

Children's clothing, shoes, toys, games

Lightly used but clean clothing/shoes

Small (but working) utensils and appliances - NO Electronics, weapons, drugs, or used cosmetics

Surplus (duplicate) tools, older models, antiques

Non perishable food items (except fresh and wholesome raw fruits/vegetables)

The Law of Compensation (karma) operates here.  Take what you need, contribute what you can. Taking items for resale is theft.

Borrowing and returning items is fine.

Terms of Service

No Warranty or Guarantees

First come, first served

Not for resale

No Electronics, broken objects, trash, weapons, drugs or unsanitizable personal items